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How much time do politicians spend on Twitter?

This infographic (view full size) shows the amount of time spent by each political party on Twitter, based on their number of tweets. Assumptions are:

1. Each tweet takes 15 seconds to write.
2. Majority of tweets are not computer generated (e.g. by a Facebook app).

The average time per politician is 4.27 hours. But a detailed look at the data revealed that within each party a minority of politicians write the majority of tweets. This will be shown in a future diagram.

Here is a partial breakdown of the data:


1.Nik Nazmi – 39.5 hours
2.Anwar Ibrahim – 22.7 hours
3.Elizabeth Wong – 20.3 hours


1. Thomas Su – 13.7 hours
2. Lim Kit Siang – 12.7 hours
3. Tony Pua – 12.5 hours


1. Dr. Lo Lo – 8.5 hours
2. Mahfuz Omar – 6.6 hours


1. Khairy Jamaluddin – 38 hours
2. Abdul Rahman Dahlan – 19.14 hours


1. Wee Ka Siong – 18.9 hours


1. Kamalanathan – 6.5 hours

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