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Popular Response to #Bajet2014

Malaysia’s Federal Budget 2014 was announced on October 25th 2013. We monitored tweets related to the budget and analysed the content to see which budget measures were most popular.

Unlike last year’s Budget where the RM200 smartphone rebate was very popular among Twitter users, this year’s responses were mostly humourous, personal or sarcastic in nature. Essentially the tweets were not on-topic, which made analysis difficult. Certain topics could not be analysed in time due to their complexity, e.g. ‘harga minyak’ refers to both the price of cooking oil and the price of petrol. What we present here is a brief overview of the most popular responses based on keywords.

Out of 124,201 tweets from 48,456 users about the Budget from Oct 25th – 26th, the most popular measure being discussed was the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST was discussed in 8,083 tweets from 4,798 users.

The popular measures and their share of interest from the data collected are listed below. Please note that there is an overlap between each group of users, as people may talk about multiple issues in multiple tweets.

The most popular #Bajet2014 measures on Twitter

1. Introduction of GST
– 8,083 tweets from 4,798 users
– 6.5% of total tweets; 9.9% of total users

2. Increase in BR1M allocation
– 5,168 tweets from 3,965 users
– 4.2% of total tweets; 8.2% of total users

3. Removal of sugar subsidy (includes exemption of sugar from GST)
– 4,111 tweets from 3,427 users
– 3.3% of total tweets; 7.1% of total users

4. Continuation of 1Malaysia book voucher scheme
– 2,435 tweets from 2,205 users
– 2% of total tweets; 4.6% of total users

5. Wages and income tax
– 2,246 tweets from 1,874 users
– 1.8% of total tweets; 3.8% of total users

6. High-speed broadband initiatives
– 1,275 tweets from 999 users
– 1% of total tweets; 2.1% of total users

7. Entrepreneur-related measures (allocation towards the Graduate Entrepreneur Fund /Tabung Usahawan Siswazah and others)
– 1,247 tweets from 934 users
– 1% of total tweets; 1.9% of total users

We compiled a list of popular tweets related to these measures, with an emphasis on popular contrasting views.

1. Introduction of GST

2. Increase in BR1M allocation

3. Removal of sugar subsidy (includes exemption of sugar from GST)

4. Continuation of 1Malaysia book voucher scheme

The book voucher scheme received overwhelming support, the only criticism being users asking for a higher amount.

5. Wages and income tax

6. High-speed broadband initiatives

This measure did not receive any criticism.

7. Entrepreneur-related measures

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November 27, 2013 at 2:50 pm

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