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BFM Interview: Crowd-counting

BFM recently interviewed us regarding the crowd-counting methodology as part of their ‘The Week in Review’ show. You can listen to the podcast at the link below (opens in a new tab):


Timeline (minute:second)

  • 0:00 Crowd-counting (Ahmed Kamal – Politweet; Gabey Goh – Editor, Digital News Asia)
  • 6:20 Lese Majeste Laws of Thailand
  • 11:57 Graffiti Artists in Myanmar
  • 16:50 The Phenomenon of Cybertroopers (Tessa Houghton – Asst.Professor in Media & Communication, Nottingham University; Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz – Chairman, UMNO New Media Unit; Praba Ganesan – PKR Social Media Strategist)

Written by politweet

January 31, 2013 at 1:40 pm

Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat #KL112 Crowd Estimate

Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat (People’s Uprising Rally / #KL112) was a protest rally held at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on January 12th, 2012. It was organised by Pakatan Rakyat and various NGOs.

At its peak the crowd is estimated to have been between 63,976 – 78,193 people. This number is not expected to be revised, unless some new evidence surfaces to suggest a different crowd size.


Photos and videos that showed the size of the crowd were evaluated. These were used to determine the extents of the area covered by the crowd and the crowd density. The area was then refined by removing obstacles and estimating the percentage of space used. A crowd density of 4 – 12 sq.ft. per person was used.

Building the polygons

After initial evaluation of the photos, one was chosen as a reference to build the polygons from. The polygons were then adjusted after evaluating photos and videos. The steps are shown in the diagram below:


  1. The original photo
  2. Satellite photo, perspective-adjusted
  3. The original photo, perspective-adjusted to match the satellite photo
  4. The completed polygons on the map


The polygons in the map below shows the extents of the crowd, divided into different zones. The total space covered by the polygons is 456,627.05 sq. ft. The space taken up by the crowd is 275,532.03 sq. ft. These measurements do not include the stadium seating.


The estimated crowd in each zone is:

A = 20,122 people

B = 1,188 people

C = 8,652 people

D = 2,474 people

E = 7,428 people

F = 1,221 people

Stadium seating = 30,000 people

Total = 71,085 people

Margin of error is +/- 10%.

The estimated size of the crowd is 63,976 – 78,193 people.

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